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October 13, 2021

UMEGO - A pioneering social networking platform in the 21st century

Japanese Gourmet Plus Sake Free Flow Night at Shoku in Repulse Bay

Private French Cooking Workshop in Kwun Tong

UMEGO, a revolutionary three-in-one mobile app that integrates dating, social events, and experiences, is now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store.

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People in Hong Kong find it more challenging to make new friends amid the Covid-19 outbreak and the social-distancing guidelines that limited social activities. UMEGO, a revolutionary three-in-one mobile app that integrates dating, social events, and experiences, is now available on Google Play and the Apple App Store. UMEGO is a pioneering social networking platform in the 21st century – a networking app with additional features like experiences and activities. Not only saving time on messaging, but it is also creating more opportunities for face-to-face connections.

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Six Communities, Better Connectivity
Setting itself apart from all other networking apps in the market, UMEGO enables users the flexibility to explore among six different communities – Food & Drink; Entertainment Lifestyle; Outdoor & Adventures; Beauty & Wellness; Arts & Crafts; Sports.

In addition to the swipe-and-match feature, users can also share and mingle with each other about their hobbies, everyday life, values, and so on. Going on dates will no longer be simply for fun but for meaningful and precious moments to cherish. Users can now connect with their soulmates, and enthrall them with their ingenuity and charisma!

Talk The Walk
With the exclusionary activity planning function, UMEGO allows users to quickly build and construct their own experiences – indoors or outdoors, day or night – with only a few clicks! Users can also look at UMEGO's activity recommendations, modify and plan their own itineraries, or browse and engage in activity proposals created by other users. Users can now design their impeccable first date and social gatherings all at their fingertips with UMEGO.

Premium Membership
UMEGO is free to download and use; however, Premium Members will have access to all of the app's premium features, which include:

• 6 months of FREE Premium Membership for the first 100 subscribers
• 50% off vouchers on UMEGO's app and website
• One free Premium Members' voucher per month
• Incorporate multiple proposals at a time
• Post anonymously
• Undo last "Like" or "Nope"
• Hide profile
• Zero ads

Users can now download UMEGO and create a profile to receive a three-month free Premium Membership with one free Premium Members' voucher of their choice each month, which is worth up to $500!

Don't Miss Out
On UMEGO, users will be able to find a plethora of amazing deals ranging from dining to performances to an array of entertainment experiences. Having trouble deciding on the perfect restaurant or bar? How about a Japanese Gourmet Plus Sake Free Flow Night at Shoku? Enjoy exquisite Japanese cuisine and unlimited drinks. A great spot to celebrate or unwind after a long day!

Still pondering where to spend the weekend with the new pal? What about an Unforgettable Bulgaria Hot Rose Spa with the best friend to restore balance and rejuvenate while juggling in the busy world at Queen's Beauty and Spa? Or learn to make a few new favorites and authentic French dishes with the guidance of an experienced and professional culinary master in this Private French Cooking Workshop in Kwun Tong?

It always sounds exciting to walk with one’s crush in the pitch dark – an intimate way to know each other better in such mystifying moments, uncovering the unseen and stimulating senses other than sight. Make sure to invite a special someone to the Bring Someone with Love in the Dark experience by Dialogue in the Dark.

ALL vouchers on UMEGO have a 3-year validity. Users can always exchange unused vouchers or gift cards for other experiences at no extra cost.

First Global Checkpoint: Hong Kong
Founder of UMEGO, Loréna Marchelina, said, "Born and raised in the south of Spain, I then relocated to Estonia. I decided to study in Shenzhen in 2018, where I noticed it was difficult to meet new friends, maintain meaningful relationships, or explore the city. I believe technology can break the ice; if not, tie the knots between people. UMEGO is the brainchild for myself and all mobile phone users' tomorrow."

Most of the approximately two million single HongKongers aspire to develop long-term friendships and committed relationships with social networking tools. That is why Loréna and Timo, founders of UMEGO, have named Hong Kong as their first checkpoint of its global footprint. "I really hope that every single HongKongers can pave a new way to connect with others and meet their soulmates," Loréna said further.

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UMEGO and is the first-ever networking mobile application and website in the Asian metropolis that features a unique dating experience and facilitates users' gathering. The brainchild of the founders and their team, UMEGO is a pioneering three-in-one dating-social gathering-experiences mobile application. Transforming online social experiences and reconnecting with people in real life is the purpose of UMEGO. It offers copious socializing ideas and recommendations, as well as exclusive privileges for users to meet up with folks of shared interests and live a more vibrant social life. Provide a resort for users to step out of their virtual comfort zone, pursue friendship and romance in reality.

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