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January 14, 2022

Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Workplace acts as a bridge between companies and people with disabilities.”
— Najim M.
USA, January 13, 2022 / -- MyDisabilityJobs is an online job platform working closely with companies promoting inclusion and diversity in the workplace. We are happy to see that companies and businesses are slowly taking steps to ensure that people with disabilities are integrated into their workforce. HR departments are working hard to adapt to an inclusive work culture and provide a welcoming environment to disabled people.

About the founder of

MyDisabilityJobs was founded by Najim M. who has managed to develop a thriving and successful career despite his disability. At a young age, people had told him that he will end up homeless as he will not be able to find a job because of his physical disability. Najim didn’t let these people influence him. He believed in himself and worked on developing his skills to build a career. His resilience and positive mindset got him to where he is now.

His experience inspired him to start MyDisabilityJobs. Najim believes that living with a disability has its challenges and daily life obstacles. However, when it comes to building a fulfilling career path or finding a decent job, it should no longer be the case in our modern society.

About the team behind

The team aims at promoting diversity and raising awareness about inclusion in the workplace. We work passionately toward the same goal to help people with disabilities find suitable jobs for them. MyDisabilityJobs Team is dedicated to keeping our followers updated with the latest vacant positions across various job sectors.

Our Objective

Our ambitious goal is to make it easier for disabled people to find job opportunities in different industries. As an online job platform, we also help businesses that are looking to hire people with disabilities. We are committed to inspiring and empowering disabled people to utilize their skills so they can develop fulfilling career paths and financial stability.
We are looking to collaborate with organizations and associations working with disabled people to help them build a better future. If you wish to collaborate, please get in touch with us at

MyDisabilityJobs Team
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