Colton Risk Management Consulting, LLC. Launches Insurance and Risk Management Service

August 5, 2022

WEST ISLIP, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, August 5, 2022 / -- Colton Risk Management Consulting, LLC, an Insurance Consulting and Outsourced Risk Management firm, has recently launched a risk management service that helps businesses find solutions to their insurance and risk management challenges. The company offers creative thinking and high-level strategy development to clients that it has provided to some of America’s largest and most profitable private equity firms. With the launch, it aims to help protect clients’ businesses from a multitude of risk factors including financial uncertainties, legal liabilities, technology issues, mismanagement of strategy, errors, accidents, natural disasters, and outsourcing risk management.

Colton Risk, LLC employs a robust methodology in its insurance and risk management service which involves assessing and analyzing a client’s business risks and challenges and providing effective solutions accordingly. The company collects all the relevant information necessary to get an insight of where a client’s business currently stands. This includes identifying threats to the balance sheet, accruals for the assumption of risk, evaluation of self-insurance options, understanding the source of claims, claim reduction strategies, and working out actuarial data. Assessing these various factors helps the company identify the risks and issues that can potentially affect the client’s operations.

Upon thoroughly evaluating the challenges and issues after reviewing the gathered information and analyzing the unique conditions of the client, the company presents the problems and challenges and provides options regarding possible solutions including recommendations on the pros and cons of each potential solution. The solutions offered by the company are customized and specific to the unique problems of the client that are formulated to reduce risks and losses and increase the efficiency, safety, and profitability of their business.

During the launch, the company’s owner Richard Colton said, “Here at Colton Consultancy, we work in close partnership with our clients, and we utilize our experience and expertise in the risk and insurance functions to formulate and execute strategies that effectively address their needs. Our scope of services includes outsourced risk management solutions, claims management, program design, aggregation, risk management administration and consultancy services, and mergers and acquisition due diligence and advisory services. We aim to provide effective solutions that help clients manage risk successfully.”

About Colton Risk Management Consultancy, LLC: Founded by Richard Colton, Colton Risk Management Consulting, LLC is an Insurance Consulting and Outsourced Risk Management firm that specializes in providing advice, functional Risk Management and Claims Management services. It has solved insurance and risk management challenges for multiple businesses from a diverse variety of industries ranging from airlines, restaurants, supermarkets, and real estate.

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