The Book: Rising Tides - Second of the Warm World Mysteries

August 5, 2022

A Story About Mysteries, Globalization, and a lot more

Jerry Blanton has been successful as a high school English teacher, a bookstore manager, an academic dean, a copywriter/ proofreader, an English professor, an editor, and a writing tutor. He has published more than 45 books of poetry, short stories, mysteries, historical novels, sci-fi/fantasy, and blog collections.

In this press release, he will feature his favorite book, “Rising Tides -Second World Mysteries”.

As a sneak peek, below are the two lines which are taken from the book:
“The manager of the Blue Flamingo Apartments has been found dead floating in the water of the flooded laundry room. Then the owner of the apartments hires Buck Jaspers to prove that the death was murder and not an accidental death as the police believe. Buck and his operatives interview employees and residents of the Blue Flamingo, which reveals some wild and risky behavior that leads Buck to the Tampico Hotel on Miami Beach, its club/restaurant Rising Tides, and some ominous individuals including the dead man’s wife and her lovers.”

The rest of his 44 books are also available worldwide but right now, he focuses on this book called “Rising Tides - Second World Mysteries”.

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